Monday, March 9, 2009

tenia tanto que darte

According to Trini there is no spring in Granada. There is winter, and then there is summer. Bienvenido a verano chicos :) (welcome to summer) Yesterday and today have been amazingly beautiful, in fact I'm already working on a lil' tan line after two days of "studying" in mi parque. Yesterday there literally was not a cloud in the sky, put me in the best mood possible.

Sad news from Pittsburgh though, Shusa (my love who's been in my life as long as I can remember) had to be put to sleep this weekend :( It's really hard for me to deal with this over here just because it adds to the overall feeling of disconnectedness that I've been trying to ignore. I absolutely love Granada, and wouldn't trade this experience so far for anything else, but it's always jarring to see Barack on TV, or hear about the economy, or about losing my favorite pet in the world via some form of technology instead of living it. It feels so artificial. I know Shusa's gone, I feel it in the knot in my stomach and when I teared up at the gym today when petting Pepe and thought of her, but I feel so distant from it. Dealing with death is extremely difficult either way, especially for someone like me who has little experience with it -- and ends up bawling over a goldfish's death as a result (I was little, but still you know what I mean). Dio was comforting me and said "remember, all dogs go to heaven" which resulted in Amanda and me watching one of my favorite childhood movies "All Dogs Go to Heaven" with a big mug of hot chocolate and some comfort food of popcorn and nutella. It helped, but I'm still really sad.

Before finding out about my puppy, my weekend was pretty enjoyable. Thursday night we went to Konya, which is quickly becoming my teterria of choice, for hookah. It was supposed to be six of us, but as the night progressed we gained about ten others, it was a quasi-IES convention. Konya's food is delicious as well. I had a Shawarma de pollo completa (Shawarma with chicken, cheese, eggs, special sauce, and the usual beats, lettuce, onions, and tomato) and then Joya and I split a chocolate banana crepe which came with a free tea. Incredible. And our waiter loved us and for no extra charge put mint and orange rind in with the tobacco in addition to icing the water, and gave us extra coals! We were there until close and then made our way to the resi to botellon (pregame) and hit up Camborio where we danced all night. Got back between six and seven, promptly passed out and was up in time for la comida the next day.

Friday night I felt pretty exhausted and lacked the mental energy to go out, even though I wanted to try out Metro, a disco I haven't been to before that was having "Sexy Night" (worth it just to go and say you went to sexy night, right? haha) where las chicas had free entry hasta 3am. But instead I stayed in and skyped with my moo, shasha, and rosie ... and never got around to watching a movie like I wanted to.

Saturday morning I got up around 11 and felt like a whole new person. Amanda and I walked around and shopped for a bit in the morning, came back to a comida of lentil soup and tapas (ham, duck liver purree ... i'm losing all parts of my former picky-eater self over here ... and brie on tostada) which was yummy. We had a good conversation with Trini about picky eaters and the only eating white-processed food syndrome a lot of kids in Spain have (not just a problem in the states, or with Connor apparently ... just kidding Connor haha). And Trini told us she loves us because we like everything and try everything she cooks, which is funny to me since it was only about six years ago that I lived solely on grilled cheese sandwiches and lived by the mantra "if it's from the sea, it's not for me." Boy was I a fool.

Saturday night I met up with a bunch of (6) kids from the residencia for pizza and futbol around 730. On the way there Joya and I ran into a wedding by the swing set we've played on before, it was beautiful. Not a fan of the bride's suit-dress, but the Spanish know a lot more about style than I do apparently so I won't question it! The pizza place, Voy Volanda, has an all you can eat deal that for 6.5 euro you get as much pizza, pasta, and salad as you like. You have to microwave your pasta, but it's pretty delicious especially since it's been months since I've had Italian food. So we sit down and each get our own bowls of salad and of pasta, and the first pizza comes out. Cuatro Queso, mmm mmm mmm. Shortly followed by a Margarita pizza which was equally delicious. We were all feeling pretty satisfied, when out comes pizza numero tres, sausage and meats of some sort. We all giggled a little bit, because clearly three pizzas, a bowl of salad, and a bowl of pasta is more than enough for seven girls and one guy. Little did we know that we'd have three more coming. Five minutes later our server gave us cheese mushroom and ham pizza, followed by a BBQ pizza, and when we finally told him that we could not possibly eat any more, a chocolate pizza for desert. Seven pizza slices full, I left Voy Volando more full than I have ever felt here haha. But for 6.5 euro, not bad at all, no?

We missed the soccer game and just talked and drank at the resi until about 2am when we decided to go to our usual stomping ground, disco Kapital. Danced all night, got back around 7am, the usual aha. I had a lot of fun though, even though I am discovering that Granada has more aggressive hombres than I initially thought. No pasa nada.

Today I officially booked my ticket to go visit Rosie in Athens from April 30 until May 5. I am beyond excited because my flight is waaay less than the 550 euros I originally thought it would be, and now I get to go stay with Rosie in her apt and go see one of the Greek Islands. And potentially visit Christian in Rome the weekend before! I haven't traveled yet because I wanted to get to know my new home, but now I feel we know each other pretty well, and I am ready to probar my surroundings. And Athens and Rome are two cities I have always wanted to visit, dream come true :)

Tomorrow morning I have my orientation for Morocco, so soon I can fill you in on my adventures I will be undertaking in oh .. TEN DAYS!

Time to walk to the universidad for my anthro class,

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