Sunday, March 1, 2009


¡Hoy es el primer día del marzo, entonces hay solo dos y media semanas hast voy al Marruecos!
(Today's March 1st: only two and half weeks until the Morocco trip!!)

Last night was the first open mic night, an IES sponsered event at a bar called Musgo (which has ridiculously bright lime green walls) where from 9:45 until 11 something or other we watched drunk and sober IES, Erasmus, and UGR kids do everything from tell jokes, sing, and play instruments. The bar was packed, we did not expect that many people to show up at all, but the more the merrier ... literally. Open mic night basically embodies the contrast between American and Spanish culture: Dio and Hayley (the MCs) were introducing acts with a note pad in one hand and a fistfull of alchohol in the other, as was Javier and Jose the program directors who were there. Everyone was laughing and just hanging out, there was no rush ... in fact the start time was delayed by almost an hour (no idea why). The Spanish are never really in a rush, they're just here to enjoy their lives happily in the company of good friends. Nothing to criticize there in my opinion!

Afterwards we went to the resi to hang out, never made it out to a disco but after Friday night that's fine with me. Met some Spanish kids, convinced a kid from the Canary islands that my major was sexologia, the usual. We met one kid named Andre and he's probably the most hilarious human being I've ever seen. He thinks he's very hard core and refers to himself as a "pimp". In reality I think he just deals weed, but regardless he takes himself very seriously, in the least serious way possible... if that makes any sense. He's taking lots of English classes at the University and prides himself on the knowledge between a "biatch" (pronounced with a heavy Spanish accent so it sounds something like beeeayatch) and "bitch" (which sounds more like biotch). He was wearing black pants that looked like they were some kind of pleather, with a huge diamond (pretty fake looking) belt buckle of two letters intertwined (I forget now what they were), Adidas Superstar sneakers with hot pink laces and a diamond/rhinstone "Superstar" attached to the bottom lace of either shoe. On top of that he had on a Hines Ward-worthy bling-full of "diamond" on his ear, a NY Yankees baseball flatbrimmed hat ... with the sticker still on it of course, and a button down shirt. I've never seen such a confusing outfit in my life haha. He was entertaining, and harmless moo don't worry!

All in all, fun night. We didnt get back to late, it was probably five ish, slept in 'til a comida of soup with noodles and eggs in it (interesting, I liked it, Amanda didn't), scrambled vegetable tortilla and a salad. Plus the biggest pastry (it's pretty much one of those neopolitan things) I've seen in a while.

All for now, luego!

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