Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am overwhelmed by trying to figure out travel plans and make this summer into something productive, so instead of dealing with it I am going to post some of Lydia's Cordoba pictures :)

In order:
- Musical performance in the Jewish museum

- Lydia and I showing Pittsburgh pride in the mezquita

- Me under one of the arches in the Ruins

- The heladaria by Plaza Nueva ... mmmm

- Meg, Kate, and me on the stairs of Granada 10 showin off our Ladies Night balloons

-The gorgeous but over the top main alter in the cathedral of the mezquita

- Where Christianity and Islam collide

- Ceiling in the cathedral

- The Cathedral Tower from outside

And in other news, it's still raining in Spain. I have night class tonight from 8-930 then it's ladies night at granada 10. It better stop raining, or I might just come back and sleep (but of course, thats not really gonna happen haha).

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