Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And it's back ...

The rain in Spain will not stay in the plains.

So while everyone back home is covered in snow, I'm being flooded out. Walking from IES to my gym this morning my boots filled up with water and I actually had to empty them out in the locker room sink, and then wring out my socks. LAME. The unevennesses and little subtle slants that make walking around here in the sun an adventure turned out to be two-faced jerks that pool up tons and tons of murky water that inevitably ends up in your boots. And in my case deciding that you need blueish-black, sopping wet socks rather than the nice dry white ones you start the morning with. Ugh. There was honestly a 3 x 5 foot section of my street that is completely flooded. NOT looking forwards to walking to my University class at 430, and even less so walking all the way back to IES for my film class at 700 tonight. I want the sun baack.

On the upside, I bought myself the leather jacket I've been flirting with all last month. They didn't have it in black, only dark brown, but I decided to go for it anyways, I love it :)

Also we got our Morocco group email, I'm in the first group which is awesome! We have an orientation session next week so after that I'll post all about what I'm expecting/will be doing! All I know so far is that we are going to be living in a homestay which will be super challenging but super rewarding I'm sure.

I skipped my night class last night to try to sort out my life since this weekend was packed and this coming one looks like it will be too. I've decided I'm going to be living in Pittsburgh this summer (planning on visiting Haverford at some point though) and hopefully doing some sort of volunteer work in either Guatemala or Costa Rica for a few weeks in July. I've sent out a bunch of emails so we'll see what happens. I've only heard back from Ravenstahl's office, and surprise surprise the Pittsburgh Mayor's Office does not offer internships. Something new and different haha.

Also I made a calender for my travels and when people will be here:
March 6-8: Shelia (!!) and Maggie (Haverfordian who was here last semester) visit
March 12-15: Granada
March 19-23: Morocco
March 24-26/27: Moo, Dids, and Benny visit
April 3-11: Semana Santa (Spring Break) in Barcelona
April 12-16: Carolyn and possibly Christian visit
April 16- 19: Hopefully finding a cheap flight to meet Melissa in Amsterdam
April 23-25: Granada/or Beach trip
April 30- May 3: Visiting Rosie in Athens and going to either Hydra or Poros for
a day (islannnddss)
May 8-9: IES Viaje a Cabo de Gato (beaach!!)
May 14-17: Granada
May 18-24: IES Finals Week!
May 28-June 1: Ibiza (?)
June 2 - June 6: UGR Finals
June 7 - 13: Madrid and either Italy or Paris with Carolyn or someone else, we'll see
d i
I am extremely excited to go travel and see things, especially Athens, but looking at this makes me realize how quickly this is all going to go, which is scary. I'm glad I didn't leave Granada for my first month here, I feel like I really know a lot of the city almost as well I know Shady Side. But I still have so much exploring to do, I want to explore Plaza Einstein which I have yet to visit, hopefully I'll do that this weekend of next.

I just took a break from writing this post to eat possibly my favorite lunch this far so of course I want to write about it. Trini wanted to have una comida mexicana hoy, pero Corte Ingles no tenia el queso corecto (Trini wanted to have a Mexican themed lunch today but Corte Ingles didn't have the right kind of cheese. Por eso, we had half mexican themed lunch! We had a salad with cilantro, avocado (yuuummmm), tomatoes, onions, and cukes which was ridiculously delicious. We then each had two fried pork chops which are always yummy, and for dessert Trini bought a selection of pastries from the pasteleria on our block. Delicious. I was smiling the entire time I ate haha.

Alright I have applications to do and whatnot before class at 430.
Hasta Luego!

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