Thursday, February 5, 2009

muy corto

One of the biggest differences between the US and Spain is the size of the elevators here. No joke. The elevator in our building fits "four people" ... aka 1.5 Americans. Amanda and I are normal sized girls, but when we're in that thing we're almost on top of each other. I guess that's why everyone here is so skinny, they have to fit into the elevators.

So today was my first day as a member of Do It! Gimnasio. Ahaha. I mean for less than 30 euro a month it's not bad, pretty ghetto fab but I can roll that way. The gym's about a ten min walk from the IES center, 15 or 20 from mi casa, and its really easy to get to so I can't really complain. Plus, I discovered that my new gym is the favorite hiding place for beautiful spanish men. Es la verdad. 9/10 of the hombres in Do It! were guapooooo.

Speaking of guapo, baby diego came to visit us this morning, and yesterday too. He is so cute, and such a great baby! He never cries and always gives us this lil smirk, he thinks Amanda and I are nuts I'm pretty sure. Also, Amanda's boyfriend Matt is slowly becoming my hero, he sent us a huge package today and in it there was peanut butter, nutella, and girl scout cookies :)

Amanada and I are gonna go on one of the Art History course's paseos today since neither of us could take the class, so tomorrow I'll have an exciting post :) Today ends the first week of classes, all about those tomorrow as well! Tonight we're goin to go out and probably end up at Mae West (discoteca). Hasta Lueeggoo!

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  1. Honey, I don't know if you've ever watched a Mae West film, but if you speak to los hombres guapos en la gimnastica como seria Mae West, por favor tienes --como se dice-- "caution" por que Mae West, ella estaba muy loco!