Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ladies Night

I can not believe it's almost the end of Febrero! Time is flying, but at the same time it is so warm and sunny ... and warm and sunny during the day here that it's hard for me to believe it's ONLY febrero (february ... in case you haven't caught on haha). So I'm in the really odd time-warped and weather-challenged state of utter confusion. But I'd rather be a little dazed and confused by warmth and sun than hiding under layers running around Haverford's campus in the cold cold cold. My class schedule is whack so there's never anyone hanging out upstairs in the "student lounge" area of the IES building, so yesterday after class I just went to my park and sunbathed for an hour before lunch ... so incredible. Nothing is more relaxing than lying in the sun on a bench by a lil fountain and people watching. Some guy came up and tried to talk to me, realized I was American, and said oh nevermind and walked away. I had my headphones on so I missed the first half of what he said, which would have been useful, but from what I did hear I'm pretty sure he was trying to sell something to me ... I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was just boot leg CDs or something. Right.

In addition to being filled with beautiful weather, the past two days have been filled with delicious comida as well! Basically I am in heaven haha. Yesterday Trini made a refreshing salad with lettuce, carrots, bananas, and apples drizzled in the usual olive oil vinagrette dressing she makes. Then we had PASTA with some meat crumbled in it with some crispy cheese baked on the top. I've missed pasta. For desert we had some left over homemade dulces Trini had made for some family members who came over the night before. I forget the names, but one was made from apples and was kind of like an apple pie kind of deal, and the other had chocolate and spongey cake in it, both were awesome. And then today we had a soup with noodles, shrimp, mussels, squid, artichoke heart, beans, and fish. Que rico, no?

During lunch today Trini let Diego suck some of the juice out of a slice of mandarin, which wasn't ripe yet so it packed a tart punch. Diego made The Funniest faces. He's have a little juice, then he would scrunch his entire face up, and then go back in for round two with the same result ... except the scrunching got worse and worse each time! Ah, Gorditoo. :)

Last night was Ladies' Night at Granada 10 (discoteca of ridiculous musica). Which meants girls got in for free, had access to an open chapaigne bar until 12, had two male gogo dancers preforming off and on all night, and on top of all that another free drink. All for free. I spent absolutely no money last night. I'm still in shock. We walked to Granada 10 right after Anthro of Ethnicity at UGR so we got there around 1015, and it was empty. It was hilarious. We got there comically early, even for the States, because we wanted to take advantage of the bebidas gratiz (free dranks). Joya and I opted to go for a round of Tapas, but still ended up inside of Diez around 1100. But it was still a blast, I hung out and danced with all the IES girls. All in all I had a blast, and even though I dealt with the repercussions of getting home at 5am on a Wednesday this entire morning, I don't regret a thing. The only let down were the promised GoGo Dancers, although they did bring us more free drinks after the open bar closed so you can't hold too much against them. They were 1.) not tan or oiled up, which is the image America's instilled in my mind as one of the defining features of a GoGo dancer, 2.) were wearing cargo pants ... in Spain, dancing for girls, really?, and 3.) would not stand a chance against me in a dance off, I was expecting some epic moves. But they were still entertaining, poor guys they did not look too happy up there haha. It was fun to get to know some of the girls I don't have classes with and therefore never see too, all in all great Wednesday.

Today after classes Lydia and I went to get helado from the heladoria (ice cream!!). The cones here are a lot taller and narrower than in the States, which is interesting. But the ice cream display is incredible, I promise to post the pictures on here as soon as I can, but there were so many different flavors, and each on had an elaborate set up: the banana had half-peeled banana surrounded by perfect banana slices artfully scattered over hills of delicious ice cream ... the chocolate orange was chocolate ice cream laced with orange drizzle, with cocolate covered orange slices oh-so-delicately placed on top. I could go on, but I'll let the pictures do the talking once I put them up. I ended up getting mint-chocolate chip, and Lydia got the Kinder flavor (euro-chocolate, aka deadly) with Limon too.

After ice cream I went with Amanda and Joya to Cafe Futbol, a cafe close to Trini's that is known for having delicious churros. Happy with my ice cream, I just got a Cafe Sola (Spain's version of black coffee, soo good) and Joya and Amanda split an order of churros with hot chocolate dip. I tried a bit of Amanda's churros, totally lived up to the hype. Moo and Dids, we're going there when you visit :) Tonight we're all just going to go to a Trettateria (I'm not sure if I'm spelling this right, sorry! ... hookah place) near the Residencia of the Universidad and have a relaxed night since we have to catch the bus for our day trip to Cordoba tomorrow at 730 am. That will be interesting, NOT looking forwards to getting up that early. At all.

I think I'm too tired to write a good entry today, lo siento!! I'll make up for it with the next one, promise :) Hasta Luegoo

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  1. Quiero los churros! Dimi si el cafe de Granada es muy mejor que el mio! Estoy muy listo a verte, mi hija comica!