Thursday, February 12, 2009

churros y chocolate

Today after classes joya, amanda and I ate outside at a cafe in Plaza Nueva right by the center. There is literally not a single cloud in the sky today, and the sun hitting my back felt soo soo good. I had a cafe con leche which I got to enjoy while soaking up some uv rays, joya and I split a tostado con pollo (slive of french bread toast with chicken breast on it and gobs of thousand island dressing), and then we all shared an order of churros y chocolate. As I said in my last post, when the sun comes out so do the locals ... so we got to listen to some live music while enjoying our cuisine, I felt like I was in a movie! Granada has such an eclectic vibe to it, on our left was a table of hippie kids with dreads and a too-cool to care aura about them splitting some pizza and cafe, and to our right was an average looking couple enjoying some brewskis (beers) while their little corgy-mix dog (with two dread locks on each ear) waddled around from table to table looking for more shade. It was nice to sit back, be warm, enjoy some yummy comida, and people watch. I am so ready for it to officially be warm outside all the time, spring can't get here fast enough in my opinion.

Right now I'm in the process of booking hostels and Alhambra tickets for Csenka's arrival tomorrow!! And also working out the details for Carnaval next Saturday, which is a huge costume party, more about that later :)


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  1. Lily,

    I LOVE your posts! Thanks so much for writing them down and sharing them. I smile in particular at things you say which resonate with me and my trips around Europe a generation ago!
    I remember a foggy evening in London when a small group of us was going to a disco. We were crossing a bridge - I think it was Kingsgate - when I glanced to the right and saw the illuminated shape of Big Ben through the mists. The next day, I wrote to Mimi and Pop-pop that I saw Big Ben on the way to a Discotec. They thought that was hysterical and I was puzzled as to why.
    Today, the image of Big Ben and the feel of the walk are vivid - I have no recollection of the discotec!
    You know, you could kindle your posts for people interested in your area of Spain - or use it as a basis for a best running TV series, you know, like Sex in the City!
    I am so proud that you and Amanda (or was it Joya?)nursed one drink while the guys drank on and on. Just don't take undue advantage of them -OK?
    Keep writing and take care!
    Besos y Abrazos,
    Aunt Elizabeth

    P.S. And thanks for peppering your posts with Spanish words!