Wednesday, January 28, 2009

spain rain

Yesterday was the first day it didn't rain! I really think I brought Pittsburgh with me, it's supposed to rain in Sevilla this weekend too, gross gross gross! The local newspaper says that the city council's worried about the water rising too much haha, it hasn't rained very hard it just spits enough to be annoying, these people wouldn't be able to deal with life in the burgh ;)

Last night we went out to La Catina, a mexican restaurant Trini recommended, and it was delicioouuusss! Trini made us a big bowl of lentil soup for cena, and she now knows I have a sweet tooth, so I get like three deserts now hah, so I was pretty full and just split a quesadilla con pollo with Amanda. The margaritta con fresa (strawberry margs) were delicious, even though they were expensive. Amanda, Joya, Sunny, Dio and I ate there from 930-11 just chillin around and talking. Afterwards we hit up our usual spots, La Mancha con Pepe, and Paddys Pub just in time for the 12-1 happy hour. There was a beer pong party at some local bar that we were gonna go to, but Joya Amanda and I got distracted by a gorgeous bartender at Paddys, so we never made it over there!

I'm still getting used to all the new customs, etc in Spain. For example, people will look at you like you're running around naked if you are walking and eating your food outside. It's a much laid back world, which I love, but am definitly not accustomed to at all! Our coffee breaks during these marathon spanish classes are supposed to be from 1130-1145, but the service is so relaxed and slow we always get back closer to 12. But the pastries are always worth it. Plus, I would not make it until cena if we didn't have this break, I'm still not used to going from 830-230 without eating.

The Granada lifestyle still catches me by surprise sometimes. When you're standing in a bar eating tapas at night (there usually aren't any seats, you just stand around eating good food and having good conversations) vendors/gypsies just walk in with bootleg videos/music, flowers, and more and try to sell them to you while you're in the bar. Also, at the discoteca people were smoking on the dancefloors like it was no big deal at all, and not just cigarettes either. Everything feels so much more down to earth in a lot of respects, and it is awesome!

After this week of exploring I really feel like I know my neighborhood pretty well and am ready to branch out, project for next weekend since this one we'll be in Sevillaaa (with MORE rain, woot).

I've also been talking to a lot of kids who are gonna come watch the superbowl, the Steeler nation is goin global baby :) We get back from Sevilla Sunday afternoon, which gives me time for a powernap before we hit paddys around 11 ish. Here we gooo. It's weird being over here during the superbowl, I feel so disconnected from everything, especially since last time we went was senior year and were fully immersed in black and gold territory. It's like this surreal thing I can't quite grasp, but when we bring home number six I guess it'll all sink in!

Tonight is our first of two language exams that will determine our placement in the spanish grammer classes. Tonight's the written part, tomorrow's the oral, they're from 630-830, fun fun fun. Afterwards a bunch of us are gonna go to a hookah bar by my house, which will be cool since I haven't had that since this summer.

Oh also, I have my IES classes picked out. I'm going to have my language class, and history of Spain since 1492, and then the mediterrean woman in film, which meets at night for movies and once during the week. I wanted to take the art history class because it takes you to all the cool monuments and places, but Haverford is stupid and I can only take two IES classes, but Javier said they can reserve a few spaces for kids not in the class to go too, so I think I'll take advantage of that. The other two slots will be university classes, so hopefully it'll work out so that I'm not constantly in transit to classes since the university is like 30 min away from IES. We'll see!

Joya and I were trying to figure out Semana Santa, and we decided that a week in Barca and Ibiza will prob be the best. Im starting to understand what my dad was talking about, I have all my life to see Europe, but this is the only time I'm really going to be immersed in a culture like this. So I def wanna travel around Spain, but I thikn I'm going to spend most of my time here, Granada is such a unique place, I really want to get to know it, and the only way to do that is to explore and stay here! Which is fine with me, because this place is beautiful :)

Okay, all for now, I have a Shasha Chen to attend to :)

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  1. Dear Lily,
    I am sorry it has taken me so long to post a comment! I tried on Sunday, but something went awry and my piercing commentary(and I'm sure it was!) never made it to your blog!
    Anyway - thanks so much for keeping us all in the proverbial loop and for sharing your excitement. It all sounds wondful and I love your observations, detail, and commentary! I really liked your observation about how beautiful todo was .."It was so exciting, I've never really had a view make my heart race before..." I would like to borrow that for a short story or something - OK?!:)
    Say, what does one do in a Hookah Bar? You see, I think Sherlock Holmes and Opium Dens but that can't be it since it is right next to Trini's house!
    And, what is Sasha Chen?
    Oh - as I type, my jeans are totally clammy and wet for shoveling most recent snowfall in the rain - you know, rain always gets such a bad rap!
    Without rain - where would we be? Hmmm ...
    Well, that's all for now! Say - please do continue using Spanish in your blog. And maybe increase it as time goes by so that we too can know some Spanish! I took a couple of courses last year and enjoyed them, but my teacher is not teaching in the same place anymore. :( Anyway, it is good for all of us to read and it adds another layer of color!
    Ciao for Now,
    Besos y Abrazos,
    Aunt Elizabeth