Sunday, January 25, 2009

donde esta el vogueee??

Saturday was exciting for many reasons, mainly because my suitcase arrived!! It came in the afternoon, so I wasn't able to go on the moutain hike with the IES crew, which apparently had gorgeous views of Granada and little mountain towns, but I figure that I'll be here for five months so I'll have plenty of time to take in the sights.

Instead Amanada and I slept in and met up with Joya and Sunny for some shopping. I got some leggings from Mango but mainly we just wandered around downtown and took in the sights . We ate the picnic lunches our host moms packed us at sunny's apt, chorizo and cheese on big hunks of italitan bread with pinapple juice and clementines, very spanish apparently. Afterwards we bummed around and got some hot chocolate and cafe con leche (we wanted churros, but it was during siesta time to they weren't available). After a little bit we decided it was time for our own siestas and headed back home and slept until seven. We all met up for some tapas and cerveza and began our evening around 9, which is officially way way way too early for the Spanish.

We went to seis pequenos or something like that for tapas, with one drink (1.5 euros) you get three kinds of tapas, and the bartenders liked us a lot and give us free seconds on the tapas and a free shot before we headed out, que bueno , no? Dio and I decided we needed to search out a venue for the superbowl next weekend, and ended up at Paddy's Pub, an Irish pub right by my apartment with really great music, crowds, and futbol on the tvs. Happy hour started at midnight and went til 1, so we could get two cocktail for 5 euro, which is a sweet deal. We hung out there for a couple hours, befriended Paddy who told us he would definitly be showin the superbowl and invited us back for some birthday party Thursday, vale vale vale!

Amanda and Sunny split off after Paddys, we left around 145, and Dio Joya and I met up with an IES kid from State College named Joe and moved on to the tapas bars near La Mancha (Pepe's tapas bar, the bartender Dio is determined to befriend). There were a bunch of American kids in that area so we decided to hit one last tapas bar and then hunt down one of the discotecas recommended to us. Finding the discoteca, Vogue, was muy muy muy dificil and took us until about 2:45! We finally got there and it was basically dead, because apparently the main floor (the one that plays house music) didn't open until 3:00! The boys were worried that it was a gay club, there were def a lot of well dressed men standing very close to one another, but the verdict is still out on that, I think our boys just need to get more in touch with their sexuality ;) We danced until 4:30 and when we were leaving a line was forming outside the club, the Spanish go all out! Got home around 5:00 and today slept til 2:00 pm in time for a big cena (lunch) or pork, mashed potatos, and flan. mmmm.

Its really cold and rainy out today, I guess you really can't ever get out of Pittsburgh ;) I was going to meet up with Dio and hunt down a track and get some excersize now that my gym gear is here, but the weather just isnt right haa. Trini told me about some pretty river trails and that a lot of people run up by El Alhambra, so I think i'm going to check into that, and then hunt down a gym. All this drinking of beer and eating fried food is going to catch up with me real fast haha.

Sunday is apparently a big night here, so we're going to try to look into a jazz/improv club tonight that Jose (IES director of student life) recommended. And then back to orientation tomorrow. I'm ready to get my schedule set up and figure out where the university of granada is though, I'm sick of orientation! And I need to get a phone, very badly. Goal for tomorrow is: phone.

The Spanish way of life is so much more enjoyable than the American one. People here only work because they need time to relax, it's no where near as stressed out here as America. People love to have fun, the culture is based around going out at night and relaxing, siestas are going to become a deadly habit! I'll post more about that later, just wanted to give you an idea of what daily life is like right now!

Hasta luego

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