Monday, January 26, 2009


Trini's grandson and her daughter came to visit today, he's three months old, and possibly the cutest baby on the planet. His name is Diego, but his nick name is "gordito" (chubby). He is adorable and so sweet, and Trini just comes to life around him and starts jumping around and babytalking at the speed of light in Spanish, it was wonderful! I've decided that the sooner I can pick up some baby phrases the better, he's going to visit a lot which is exciting :)

Amanda and I had a good talk with Trini at lunch today, still speaking a LOT of spanglish, but she appreciates the effort and we're making progress! For lunch we had paella which made me think of Molls and DM, and WT, seems like forever ago now. It's still hard to get used to having HUGE lunches, but I'm gettin there.

After lunch Amanda and I went on a phone hunt, but the Apelcom store didn't have any phones, so tomorrow is officially the day I get my cell phone. Almost a week late, pero no importa. Amanda and I ventured on and explored downtown, did some grocery shopping and boot hunting (unsuccessfully). The main supermercado here is actually a part of a department store, the food is on the ground floor and then you head upstair and its like you're in Macys or Nordstrom, it makes me laugh.

Okay, short post for today, I need to stop hogging my rooomie's computer!
hasta luego

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