Friday, April 17, 2009

long time no blog :(

I'm on Amanda's computer right now, because mine has gone off the deep end and makes everything I write backwards. I really have no words to describe how ready for a new computer I am except daaadd can i pleeeassee have a maaaacc!!!?? I'm going to update this officially on Sunday :) Until then a mini-update:

- Barcelona was amazing, a blur, but amazing. Full blog post dedicated to it will be here Sunday, as well as the rest of Morocco.

- Carolyn (haverfordian) was here this week, it was amazing to see her. Sometimes you forget how much you miss and love people until you see them again. Car doesn't use skype so I don't hear from her as much as everyone else, and it made my month being able to just spend time with her wandering around my city! She's officially coming to Rome with me next weekend, which I couldn't be happier about :)

- Lea and I are running for Vice Presidents of SC at Haverford. Elections end Saturday so we'll know soon how that goes. We decided to run together mid-way through last semester and I'm glad we actually are doing it even though I'm abroad!! VP has the most people running for it for some reason, but Peter's our campaign manager so I have faith in him ;) Turns out Carolyn and Katie are running too (two of my best friends from the Ford) which isn't fun, but no pasa nada, I'll be happy if either of us win, as long as we beat out the froshies ;)

- The MUMPS are going around IES. 3 girls have had them, 2 right after Semana Santa. My friend Kate's face was HUGE (she's almost better now), she didn't actually come to school but after talking to her and seeing pictures I've decided that mumps will NOT be on my to-do list for this semester. Everyone's been vaccinated, I'm almost positive that the vaccine's required in order to go to college, so it's really disturbing that we may still be at risk! But I've been washing my hands diligently and so far my face is its normal size, no swelling! Dean Mancinni (Haverford Abroad Dean) even emailed Joya, Dio, and me to see if we are all disease free.

- I found out my housing for senior year at Haverford (nooo nooo nooooo, impossible) and I will be living with the kids I always live with and love dearly in Llyod 7 or0s! I've wanted to live in Llyod, (Lyodd, Llyodd? who knows, spelling is not my forte these days) since freshman year. So the fact that we were able to get housing there (Haverford room draw is the most frustrating and soul-killing experience sometimes) makes the idea of senior year at the very least plausible, I wouldn't go so far to say acceptable or comprehensible, but it is now officially a possibility :)

- My next task is to register my schedule for next semester which will hopefully look a little something like:
Senior Thesis Sem (terrifying, we need to know our topic by the second week? Unfair.)
Anthropology of Education
Hindu Philosophy or an Evolution class at Bryn Mawr ... or a religion at Haverford
Spanish Film, I don't remember the exact title off the top of my head, lo sientooo

there weren't too many exciting options this year, which is sad since it's my last, but I'm happy with the ones I've picked!

- I'm going to Rome next weekend, Athens the weekend after that, and then we have an IES trip to Cabo de Gato, so this is my last weekend in Granada until mid may ... I can not believe how fast things are going, and I do not like it at all. I am no where near ready to leave :(

I've gotta run, thats all I've got time for now. But promise promise promise by Sunday everything will be updated :) I'm going to venture out into this 50-some degree gray chilly mess of a day and see if I can find a cute sundress for Roma (moo, dont tell dad).


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